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Plantfamix app

For plant enthusiast, botanists, and agronomists, this newly developed Plant Families app is fantastic. With the use of bracketed keys, this app will assist in quickly identifying plant families. Additionally, find the salient characteristics of the plant families. Also find one or more genera and floral formula that belong to the respective families.

What is bracketed key?

The most commonly used key by the taxonomists is the bracket key. This key has the advantage that the couplets are composed of alternatives which are side by side for ready comparison. It is also economical in space. Provides both choices side-by-side. It is very helpful if the previous couplet is given. The choices are separated, but it is easy to see the relationships. It may be run forward or backward with equal facility by following the numbers which indicate the path that the various choices follow.

How to use the app?
1. Click the Plantfamix app
2. Choose the plant order
3. Select the plant order you think your plant should in. Compare the characters of your plant with the “bracketed key characteristics” listed for each families of respective plant order. Which will help you to avoid mixing up other plant families.
4. Select the plant families you think your plant belongs to. You will find descriptions of the plant family, one or more genera that belong to that family, a floral formula and images of the plants.